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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 10, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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are not mitt romney has stepped to the mike at a rally in mansfield, ohio. romney back full force on the campaign trail. he laid low last week as the democrats convened in charlotte. this is a live image that you're looking at right now in mansfield between columbus and cleveland on i-71. but first i want to show you a campaign poll and i think you'll know why it's thoet worthy. this is a gallop tracking poll, post conventions.
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president obama leading mitt romney by five permanent poinss. the numbers at the top reflect the five point lead that the president has now during the three previous week, the biggest lead was just two points in early august. that was by romney. and then here's another way of seeing how close this race has become. the green line is bom, the blue line is romney. the five point lead is the largest lead since april 26th when the president 4eheld a sev lead. jim acosta who is on the scene there in ohio, and what are the romney folks saying about the
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goal will you plea gallup poll and the five point lead? >> it is quite loud here in nan mansfield, ohio. i'll do the best that i can. but this whole issue of the polling coming out of last week's democratic convention sort of hit or inboxes this morning. romney bombing director sent out a memo to supporters and donors basically saying, hey, don't get too worked up i think was the f first line of the memo. and i had a chance to talk to a top romney adviser about this earlier and they say that they feel like they're in, quote, a great position right now heading in to this fall campaign, that basically the economy in their view is the top issue, that's where they'll be deciding this issue when it all is said and done. and i have to tell you right now, mitt romney is throwing out new lines of attack that we have not heard up until this point.
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a few moments ago he talked about the president's campaign slogan of forward, he said forewarned is more like it. and then there is one other thing that he said that is interesting, he said that the presidented did not mention the unemployed in his speech at the democratic convention, which seemed to be a response to democratic criticism of mitt romney for not mentioning the troops during his speech. so a little bit of tit for tat. >> jim acosta doing a good job speaking over the crowd 2340noi there. romney and ryan are mathematically challenged on the budget, that you complaint keep cutting taxes on the wealthy and keep pumping homoney into the pentagon.complaint keep cutting taxes on the wealthy and keep pumping money into the pentagon. >> you already have deficits. you add $5 trillion of new tax
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$2 trillion in new defense spending and somehow you'll close the bev deficit without raising taxes on middle class families. will they take their arithmetic course. >> what is the romney camp saying about that? >> you can look back to the comments made on the sunday talk shows yesterday. mitt romney was asked if he name a loophole that he would close to help pay for his tax plan. and mitt romney simply was not really answering that question. now, over on abc on the "this week" program, we did hear paul ryan asked basically the same question and the way he answered is essentially has mitt romney has answered the question in the past. they're saying what they will be putting out is a general framework and you heard mitt romney talking about this yesterday, saying that there are some deductions for higher earners that may be scaled back somewhat for wealthier
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americans. so they're trying to not get nailed back on specifics that could come back to haunt them later. they want to what i out a framework for congress so that when they come or if they come into office, they'll have something to work with, that congress coming in, as well. but the president has said that sth they're not offering a lot of specifics on that particular issue and at this point the com any campaign, the candidate has not done that at this point. >> jim acosta, thank you very much. congress is back it in session session. the only measure that must pass, a short term to fund agencies. leaders in both parties struck a deal this summer, but they still need to pass the legislation before the funding expires at the end of the month.
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white house press secretary jay carney pointed the finger at republicans. >> you can't get everything you want and hold your breath. what we experienced and what we continue to experience is the adamant refusal of republicans led by house republicans to accept that millionaires and billionaires ought to be part of the deal. >> because slew of other issues are likely to go untouched. dana bash is on capitol hill and what's some of the other legislation that they could or should tackle? >> reporter: i've been talking to sources and my sense is that the thing that tell they'll do addition to making sure the congress is funded which is congress' basic function is deal with the farm bill.
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and that is a very big piece of lemgs larks aegislation and it s in two week. it is aid to people who really ned t need the money and the food the most. so the most likely thing they'll do is at least a one year extension and perhaps some help for drought stricken cattle rank rangers and farmers. >> a lot of those swing states are big in agriculture. we say shortfall session. how short is short? >> the house will be in session for about two weeks. they're saying they might come back the following week, but i wouldn't hold my breath. and when it comes to the senate, both parties saying if the house isn't here, what are we going to
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do. so two weeks is about the window. >> and the fiscal cliff? >> that is the big issue that congress will punt until the end of the year or at least until after the election for a few reasons. one is because it is just so bitterly partisan right now, it would be difficult for them to come together on these is you which is are the bush tax cuts and the monday todayer to spending cuts. about $110 billion, and a half in defense, half in agredomesti spending. sources in both farthparties sa atmosphere will be different depending on who wins and who loses the election. >> absolutely true. dana bash thank you very much. let's go syria now and a french doctor just returning from working at a rebel controlled hospital says he was surprised by the number of foreign militants there whose sole reason for fighting is to
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create an islamic state. i asked cnn's jim clancy to join us. i've heard the doctor's statements and he says he's surprised. i don't think i'm that surprised. >> well, maybe a little bit. at the shear numbers. because he's talking about 25%, 35% of those on the ground fighting where he was, where he was treating people, as him foorn fighters. there are a lot of islamics involved here. i haven't been insidesyria, but i've talked to correspondents and activists. yes, the for militants are inside the country. there is himself a numb home grown jihadists who taught in iraq.
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and, yes, they are looking not only to the fall of assad, but creating the american militant. >> is this al qaeda? >> not necessarily at all. and i think you have to future in perspective that these are people that have come to file for their own ropes. this there are some from europe, so many fighters that he saw coming in from france or other european states, you look at the unemployment level there you can young men with no live, just like iraq, this become as magnet for them. ivan watson told me he flew to turkey on a plane load just libyans on board that plane. so they are present. they are on the ground. but it doesn't mean al qaeda. and remember this, what was the fate of those in jihadist fighters in iraq? i saw them lined up on their knees with smuslims behind them
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respect forced to leave or killed outright. >> and of course the obama administration has said syrians should determine their own future. but should the u.s. be concerned about islamists getting in as part of -- >> it's too late. because when i talked to the activists in homs, for example, they said you have promised we'll get communications here. they did not get it. they haven't gotten anything. and they say we have to take help where we can get it. no no-fly zones, we're in a desperate battle for our lives, we'll at that time help wherever we can get it. >> is there any kind of barga bargainibargai bargaining chip the u.s. might have to reduce the influence of the islamists? >> right now i think time is the determining factor. how entrenched the islamists become, how many of them become involved.
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if and when assad falls, what is the attitude of the syrians. but the u.s. hasn't wanted to play a card. europe hasn't wanted to play a card. if anything, they stay away as far as they possibly can and as a result, they don't have much leverage. >> thanks very much. always appreciate your insights. more news developing this other including this -- >> as chicago deals with crime screen, another crisis. its massive school system shut down. 30,000 teachers walk out. plus the feds reportedly spending big bucks on a new high tech system to fight crime. this one are being mizs your face. and in syria, rebels being a crews the government of dropping tnt barrels. and they say craters like this one prove it. [ female announcer ] quaker yogurt granola bars.
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the only time i've ever had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter. this afternoon instead of dismissal, chicago is marking an ugly moment in it education history, the first day of the first teachers strike in 25 years.s education history, the first day of the first teachers strike in 25
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years. now the nation's third largest public school district is in crisis. 29,000 teachers and staff pickets. 350,000 students are not in class. an chicago's mayor says it all didn't have to happen. >> this is in my view a strike of choice. it's the wrong choice for our children. >> but the good news, the two sides are still negotiating today. casey wians is live if chicave . and we talked to an education issue that says this gets down to job security versus merit pay. is that what you're hearing on the picket lines? >> reporter: well, i don't know that teachers would characterize it that way. but in its simplest terms, i think that education expert is probably exactly right. what the teachers say they want is an end to this new proposed way of evaluating teachers which
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they say is too heavily reliant on test scores and would cost about 6,000 teachers their jobs over the next year or two. the mayor's office, the stiff chicago, school officials say they don't know where that 6,000 number comes from. they say that that's not necessarily true. the other issue, mayor rahm emanuel wants principals in local schools like the one behind me to have the power to hire and fire teachers as the principals feel is appropriate. they wants as decentralized approach. the teachers want more protections. more control. that is the main impasse. teachers say they're also concerned about health benefits. teachers haven't officially accepted the pay proposal, but they say they're close. so those clearly are the two remaining issues. >> and what are parts doing with their kids in the meantime? >> it's been a struggle.
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the school behind me, the parents are drop off their children for four hours. there are also churches that have opened up their door, parks, community centers that have opened up their doors. but a lot of parents are struggling trying to figure out what to do with their children. let's listen to what a couple had to say. >> i'm concerned about kids are more than just a test score. i want my baby to get her education, but it will they ever happen if they don't -- from the looks of a it trk it will never happen if they don't get the raise. >> our kids shouldn't have to suffer for that. our kids need their education. it's bad enough that they don't get the education they need because of under conditions. we suffered through poverty, gang battles, everything. our kids have to be out of school in that's the only safe haven they have right now. for us parents that want to work, that want to go to school, it's ridiculous.
3:19 pm
they need to come on. our kids shouldn't have to suffer for them. >> reporter: and given what the city of chicago has going through this year with the murder rate that's up 32% over last year, that's another concern for many parents. kids that are running around on the street without a school on go to in some cases unsupervised, they're worried about that increasing the violence of those kids becoming victims of violence. >> casey, thank you very much. a new book suggests in a president obama got so bad over the debt ceiling talks he showed off pure fury. plus the feds today arresting the mayor of a major city in new jersey. the charges involved corruption and a parking garage. discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount.
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feds arresting the mayor of trenton, new jersey in a major corruption case. tony mac accused of setting up bribes from a developer for a park garage project, a project supposed to be on city property. we're told he used code words and avoided phone conversations to set up the scheme. the arrest comes less than two
3:23 pm
months after the fbi raided the mayor's home and city hall. at that time mack said he didn't do might go wrong. >> hundreds of hours of rourd pages of transcripts all from one book that details some of the most intense moments of last summer's debt ceiling battle. the price of politics gives a behind the scenes look at the negotiation ts between the president and congress al leaders. brianna, how is the white house reacting? >> reporter: they reacting. will they were asked about it today. this book the price of politics by bob woodward which will be out tomorrow, in it bob woodward says essentially that president obama and particularly house speaker john boehner and house republicans really punted on tough decisions that would have put the american economy on better economic, better fiscal
3:24 pm
footing. and today when jay carney the president carney was asked, i defended president obama, not a surprise, saying he really helped overt a calamity which would have been a default if the debt ceiling had not been increased. here's what he said about. >> he was absolutely committed as commander in chief to preventing a default by the united states for the first time in its history on its obligations. a default which would have led to serious economic kofrconsequs both in this country and around the world, a default which sadly some elements in congress, republicans in particular, all republicans, notably in the house of representatives, seems to rely wliish the prospect of g about. >> ultimately the brand bargain if a that president obama and speaker boehner were attempting fell apart and then we saw set in motion spending cuts because
3:25 pm
congress couldn't come to agreement, spending cuts set to kick in at the end of this year. and what woodward says in this book is that neither president obama nor house speaker john boehner handled this particularly well that they weren't able to set aside partisan politics. and rather than 23ifixing the problem, they postponed it. >> one of the things getting attention is ryan's reaction to a speech president obama gave ahead of that debt ceiling deal. >> reporter: that's right, this was in april of 2011, there was a speech that president obama gave at george washington university here in d.c., and unbeknownst to him until he arrived at the venue, paul ryan and other top house republicans were sitting in the front row to watch his speech. they had been invited by the white house. and the speech was certainly to the ears of paul ryan and his colleagues very harsh. it really hit on his budget, really his vision of where he would certainly want to take
3:26 pm
government spending. and president obama actually said at one point that it would have hurt people on medicaid, but also that it would have hit kids that have autism or down syndrome. and in this book this is something that struck me, woodward said ryan felt betrayed, he'd expected an olive branch. what he got was the finger is what wood washward writes. and he describes a scene of ryan walking off with the other republicans saying thgene sperlg saying this wasn't a setup. but that set the creel forscene tough battle. >> brianna, thank you very much about. new developments in a brutal family member case in the french alps. investigators searching the victim's home in england find something suspicious and decide to evacuate the neighborhood.
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#. a multiple murder in france is drawing headlines because a 4-year-old little girl survived by hiding under her dead mother's legs. they were found inside of a car. the body of an omdlder woman al found in the car. nearby, a cyclist lay dead. each victim shot in the head twice. the girl's 7-year-old sister is fighting to live after being beaten and shot. so far french police have no motive and they've got no suspects. we question to tgo to the famil england. >> reporter: it's been about three days since plit have been combing through the home of the family hoping to find any clue, anything that might stand out as being unusual that might point
3:31 pm
to why the fame was targeted in these execution-style killings. they have brought in a numb equipment as the search expands at the rear of the garden, but so far nothing seems to have been found. there were a number of materials that police feared might be hazardous and for 245 reason a bomb disposal unit was brought in, but it was determined that these items were not hazardous or dangerous after all. in the meantime, french police are hoping to question the 7-year-old girl would survived the attack despite being shout in t shot in the shoulder. she's been brought out of a company marks b coma, but police may not question her for a few days yet. her 4-year-old sister survived by hiding under the legs of her mother for several hours after the a attack. she has been brought to britain
3:32 pm
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stand your ground, could an shaky foundation for george zimmerman. and then getting lost in the crowd could soon become much heard. sunny hostin is on the case. zimmerman is charged with smoothing asmooth ing shooting and killing trayvon martin. zimmerman is using the stand your ground law as the defense. say he was well within his right to use force against the teen. the new judge rejected a stand
3:36 pm
your ground against when it was used in another case earlier this year about that so if. so if i'm the defense team, how am i feeling about the new judge? >> better than in front of judge lester because the bolt line is the most important person in the courtroom for the is an your ground hearing is the judge because those hearings are only before the judge unlike a criminal trial. so judge lester felt that george and his wife had per injured themselves. certainly that is not the judge that this defense team wanted at the stand your ground kram in front of. the new judge has only heard one previous case and she did reject the stand your ground claim, but i think they're on much firmer
3:37 pm
ground with this judge than they were with judge lester. >> and there will have to be a stand your ground hearing. but i imagine that is going to seem almost like a full-on trial at least from the defense point of view. >> no question about it. this will be a mini trial. the defense has indicated that they will ask for the trial, probably the stand your ground hearing probably after the first of the year. it is a hearing in a george zimmerman will testify at. and so i suspect that we will be covering that, both of us, and no question about it, we will hear what happened on that night from the very mouth of george zimmerman. >> and once that hearing is down, if it rules in favor of george zimmerman, there is no trial, right? >> that's right, it's over. he gets immunity. not only from criminal prosecution, but civil claims, as well. so it's almost sort of that bet your farm type litigation that we hear about all the time. >> okay. before we run out of time, we want to get to facial
3:38 pm
recognition, the next generation of identification. the long and short of it is that the cameras can scan a crowd and use biometrics to match faces with faces with the feds already have in the today the bases. the program's aim to help reduce of course terrorism and criminal activities. but any xri vasey conce privacy? >> this will be challenge order constitutional grounds once it rolls out in 2014. no question about that. but this could be, martin, a really significant tool in the crime against -- in the war against terrorism. it could be a terrific law enforcement tool for criminals. we know that some of these really high end facial recognition programs are effective and accurate about 90%. so can you imagine how useful this could be not only to the fbi, but also law enforcement. but absolutely there are going to be some challenges on privacy grounds, fourth amendment grounds. we'll hear a lot more i think about this sort of next
3:39 pm
generation identification. >> and i think like it or not, it's here. so sunny hostin, thank you very much for joining us. good to take to you. >> thanks, martin. less than two months before the presidential election, and we take a he closer look at the big issues. just ahead, a breakdown of how the president and mitt romney promise to create more jobs. iss. just ahead, a breakdown of how the president and mitt romney promise to create more jobs. you know what i love about this country? trick question. i love everything about this country! including prilosec otc. you know one pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies.
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living off the land is still possible. an organic farm agreeing agrowi open food and fueling the kitchen with from methane gas. the pioneer tells his story. >> sustainability is basically using resources but not compromising for future generations. we as a human race have not been very sustainable. hello, everyone. i'm the owner and founder. it's a living university in so many ways. basically we produce our own food, electricity and cooking gas. we compost waste and heat water with it. at the same time, we produce a
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luxury environment for people to come and enjoy themselves. and it's all within an environment that we can say, wow, i can't believe i'm not doing any damage. i can't brief i'm actually doing some good. gr don't miss the next list this sunday at 2:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. you will hear plenty of noise and lots of spin on the campaign trail around the big issues. so cnn will help you figure out where president obama and mitt romney stand. for three week, one issue at a time, we'll examine the candidate's words and actions. today their plans to fix the struggling economy and create new jobs. >> reporter: over #% unemployment, 5 million without work for six months or longer, more than 8 million only working part-time. if there's one thing mitt romney and barack obama can agree on, the economy and more specifically the jobs crisis in america is the issue of this
3:44 pm
race. mitt romney's philosophy let the private sector create new jobs. president obama agrees but thinks the president obama must play a larger role by investing in programs that may pay off in the future. >> i have a plan to create 12 million new jobs. repo >> reporter: romney advisers say they'll add 7 million jobs. >> the government isn't create jobs. either's the private sector that creates jobs. >> reporter: so what's in the romney 3w4r57b speak he wants to overall the tax code by cutting marginal tax cuts 20%. he argues people have more money in their pockets, more jobs will be created. romney also claims that regulations cost private business about $1.75 trillion a year. so he says he'll repeal obamacare and dodd-frank financial regulation much of which is still yet to be implemented. he also plans to reformal regulatory system to make sure
3:45 pm
it balances the benefit to society with its cost to business. finally by balancing the budget, romney plans to inject competence in to the business environment. however capping federal spending means hundreds of thousands fewer government jobs at the federal, state and local levels. supporters of romney's plan say it will create 12 million jobs conservatively. but no president has accomplished it in a single term since the data was first collected. now for mb's plans to get more americans back to work. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010. and that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> reporter: that jobs bill never panned out and neither did the $477 billion effort he promoted last year, booth essentially blocked by congress. so what does mr. obama want to do moving forward?th essentially blocked by congress. so what does mr. obama want to do moving forward? >> we need to create no are jobs faster, we need to fill the hole left by this recession. >> reporter: he wants to create jobs in manufacturing and glean
3:46 pm
energy through tax incentives an invest mt. more spending on infrastructure, the president signed a more than $100 billion transportation bill. >> july 37 exte. and the president also proposed spending $35 billion for school, police, and fire department payrolls along with another $130 billion to shore up state budgets. this was in his failed jobs plan last year. yet to be seen if reelected whether those plans would have more success than they've had in the last three years. both candidates say they want to cut the corporate tax rate, expand energy jobs and support small business. whoever is elected will probably have to do all that and much more to get on us ultimate of the jobs hole. in syria, rebels say the government drop as bomb on a kindergarten and they claim it is one of these attacks in which tnt and nails are put inside of barrels.
3:47 pm
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as brutal and deadly as the syrian crackdown has been, there is a new allegation. i want you to take a look at one of many videos surfacing. this one allegedly shows which
3:50 pm
have become known as tnt barrel bombs. this one didn't explode. and i need to say here that of course cnn cannot independently verify this video. members of the syrian opposition claim syrian government forces are filling these barrels are tnt, nails and fuel before dropping them on civilian areas. knmohammed bombs are bombs. what is the opposition saying about these particular bombs? what makes them worse than any other bombs? >> reporter: it's very hard to verify this. the syrian regime isn't responding to any of these reports. but the op sags aposition activ have said the syrian regime have resorted to constructing these crudely made bombs, calling them ieds. the regime is taking nails, they
3:51 pm
say, sometimes skewers, fuels, tnt and other explosive devices, putting them into a barrel and them dropping them from aircraft. the opposition says this is maximuming damage. that these bombs are wreaking more damage and devastation where they're being dropped. yesterday as an example, online video is purported to show the aftermath of what opposition activists say was an area where barrel bombs were dropped. this is in aleppo in syrian. you see what appears to be a residential building that was completely flattened. and there are men that were trying to dig victims out of that rubble, looking for bodies, looking for survivors. and the opposition activists are saying that this new very crude tactic not only is maximizing devastation but causing more terror because people are more afraid of these bombs than they were the other bombs. and they were already so afraid because there's been so much shelling and bombing going on,
3:52 pm
especially in aleppo these last few weeks. >> with the increased use of air support, i'm wondering, where do things stand as far as any kind of international no-fly zone? >> reporter: well, martin, we know that in the last few weeks, we've heard indications from the u.s. and turkey that they're studying their options. one of those options might be the creation of a no-fly zone. certainly there have been more calls from the international community and from big players within the international community to go ahead and create or try to create a no-fly zone. but the fact of the matter is it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. the countries that have said they might explore it at some point still have said a lot of studies need to be done before they can be created. and you have the problem of the u.n. security council deadlocked. russia supporting the syrian regime. there's been no consensus amongst these countries as to what to do. there's a diplomatic activity, a
3:53 pm
lot of flurry of diplomatic activity going on trying to come up with a political solution to the crisis in syria to the civil war. it hasn't yielded any kind of solution either. essentially what's going on in syria right now is a war of attrition, a brutal civil war. it doesn't seem to have any end in sight or the creation of a no-fly zone anytime soon. >> thank you for joining us tonight. the effort to find water on the planet mars. what could be a sign of life could now spell trouble. chad myers tells us why next. humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else comes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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right now in burbank, california, family and close friends of actor michael clarke duncan are saying their good-byes at the private personal ceremony. his fiancee spoke to cnn. >> i don't remember him as michael, the actor. he's the love of my life. and i'm going to miss him so
3:57 pm
much. i'm going to miss his voice and his laughter and his hugs. and how much he cared so much about his family. >> yesterday fans were able to pay their respects at a public viewing. clarke passed away september 3rd. he had a heart attack on july 13th. and according to a family spokesperson, he never fully recovered. several celebrities spoke at today's memoriam service. there is a new home for light and miracles. you remember the story of doctors in argentina who thought she was dead at her birth. she was placed in a morgue freezer. but when her parents insisted to see her one more time, they hoped the freezer door and she moved. doctors expect a long road to recovery for her. in just minutes, wolf blitzer reveals new cnn polls
3:58 pm
which will reveal how big a bounce president obama received from last week's convention. plus, wolf will unveil cnn's new election center in a brand-new studio. stick around for that at the top of the hour. but first, martian news. two longheld theories about the possibilities of water on mars, they're being turned upside down after a new study claims the planet was just too doggone hot. chad myers knows something about heat. what are the scientists at cal tech saying? >> talk about global cooling. it was 99 degrees below zero there last night. when they were saying there was possibly water on the surface of mars, temperatures maybe 3,500. so nothing would live in that. we know and there's all kinds of things -- below the surface of the ocean, thousands of feet down, there are vents and there are things living near those vents. just because maybe people are dinosaurs couldn't live on mars doesn't mean the water that was there wasn't good for some. you have to understand, there's very little atmosphere on mars.
3:59 pm
you take the water f you put it there, it will freeze at 32. but it will boil at 50. they say if you are making cookies or brownies in a high atmosphere, you have to cook them longer, that's the same kind of idea. you would never get an egg to be hard. there's a lot of things going on. but the cal tech guys say this clay we're seeing is not real clay. it came from magma, lava, hot stuff, mixing with the water and just depositing itself on the martian surface. that's why curiosity is there to tell us -- just like opinions. everyone has one. we'll see what curiosity can say. >> before we run out of time, there's some concern that curiosity, the probe, is going to sort of put life there or put something out there. >> this is a story you can find at "the l.a. times." somebody opened the box of drills and put all


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